22 September 2010

We have a process, don’t we? We hebben een proces, toch?We have a process, don’t we? We have a process, don’t we?

About Hugo Messer

Hugo Messer is a Dutch entrepreneur, distributed agile team specialist, and author. He is the founder and owner of Bridge Global, a software services provider, and ekipa.co., an agile coaching agency. He has been building and managing teams around the world for the past several years. His passion is to enable people that are spread across cultures, geography and time zones to cooperate. Whether it’s offshoring or nearshoring, he knows what it takes to make global cooperation work.

6 thoughts on “We have a process, don’t we? We hebben een proces, toch?We have a process, don’t we? We have a process, don’t we?
  1. I agree so much, I also belive process should add value and should not be there just for the need of having one. One of my organisations had this process of documenting everything about code in documents which were lost after a while, we changed it so that lot of documentation was done as part of coding and documents genrated from them.

    Keep posting these intresting articles its fun to read them.

  2. In a lot of companies processen are documented, but do not reflect the way it really goes. The real oppertunity is to work with a defined “way of working” and to have this documented and implemented. This also means (for big organisations) having the process department working with operations.

    So yes, it is the ‘normal way working’ and it is the process description. For software you can look at the Capability Maturity Model (CMM).

  3. everybody has a process..some people described it but do not fllow it, some people only have it in their minds but follow it rigidly, some hide behind it, some refuse improved versions…but what is the value of having a process if you don’t have a business goal (or don’t know the goal)? Having a process is like owning a map..if your destination is not on it or the roads get changed your map might bring you close enough to smell the coffee

  4. Bedrijfsgroei, processen en vermogen

    Om een bedrijf te leiden en te laten groeien is het verstandig om het bedrijf te benaderen als een proces. Een proces is erop gericht om via een gestructureerde set van activiteiten te komen tot een specifiek doel. Een procesbenadering geeft de mogelijkheid het bedrijf bij te sturen onder veranderende omstandigheden. De procesbenadering wordt door alle moderne managementmethoden gevolgd

    Effectief procesmanagement wordt bereikt met sturing en zelforganisatie. In essentie komt het erop neer dat het topmanagement de visie ontwikkelt voor de hele organisatie en dat de lijnorganisatie, conform de visie, stuurt naar zichtbare verbeteringen. Op ieder niveau in de organisatie wordt de visie vervolgens uitgewerkt in concrete plannen.

    Communicatie, terugkoppeling en het functioneren van de teams vormen op ieder niveau de belangrijke aspecten. De lijnorganisatie is hierbij, gedurende het gehele proces de ruggengraat waarlangs de processen moeten worden doorgevoerd.

    John Roos
    06 81430098

  5. I couldn’t agree more. Processes are the very base of a company or a department or so. In my line of work (marketing & communication) and the companies i have worked for i always started with writing down processes. By writing down and thinking about a process i gained insights in the company and my departement. From there i started building and creating structure/ overview. So from my point of view i see a process as a necessity.

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