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IT Futsal Challenge 2018 Wraps Up. See You Guys in an Ever More Exciting Next Season.

We wrapped up the second edition of IT Futsal Challenge on Sunday (13th May 2018). We are happy that we could wake up techies to the fun of Futsal, a small yet exciting variant of the field football. The game …

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We are Indians, and yes, we can say ‘No’!

Mr Tom (client) – So Sunjay, here is the situation. I have a demo in 10 days and I would like the whole platform to be ready a day before. I hope that is a fair request? Sunjay (Bridgy) – …

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Wanna Guide your Team to Self-Organization? Here is How We Did It!

  Building a great organization and sustaining it as a successful one is not a cakewalk. Aligning talented people around the organizational goal is the essential step involved. Adopting self-organization and embracing self-organizing teams is an efficient way to achieve …

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