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Top 3 E-commerce Solutions That Help You Build a Perfect Online Store

e-commerce (or electronic commerce) is one of the dominant digital disruptors of the past few decades. An e-commerce solution/e-commerce platform is a software application that allows businesses to build online stores, manage their website, sales, and operations. The advent of …

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6 Reasons Why Self-Organizing Teams at Bridge Stay Unique And how they help you win!!!

‘Self-organization’ is not just a trendy term for us in Bridge Global. Being an extremely Agile organization, the self-organizing attitude runs in our lifeblood! Bridge Global believes that all the Bridgys should have a greater sense of purpose and a …

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Web Design Predictions for 2017

13 January 2017 Offshoring

Web design standards and trends keep evolving. From functionality to color and typography, 2017 will be a year of new ideas and new visual aspects to explore. New design trendshave already started showing up, presenting us with just enough visual …

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Testing Practice @ My Company

QA History in My Company. Prior to YEAR [YYYY] > No dedicated QA team > Only developer testing and Peer testing of code  From YYYY > Started hiring qualified QAs > Currently X Test lead and X testers > Hiring …

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Here we are going to discuss on web application testing with web testing test cases. Let’s have first web testing checklist: 1) Functionality Testing 2) Usability testing 3) Interface testing 4) Compatibility testing 5) Performance testing 6) Security testing   …

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