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• Bridge Blog editor from 2010 onwards. • She handle the task of managing blog entries, editing content, images and photos to enhance the quality and content of the blog. She is responsible for maintaining professional and productive relationships with bloggers. • She can be reached at

A study about Offshoring IT services from Sweden to IndiaEen overzicht van Offshoring IT diensten van Zweden naar IndiaEn studie om offshoring av IT-tjänster från Sverige till IndienEine Studie über Offshoring IT- Dienstleistungen von Schweden nach Indien

Today on Bridge Blog we are featuring an interview with Minna Salminen Karlsson. Minna Salminen Karlsson, a Swedish researcher who has done a research on the”soft” issues in advanced ICT offshoring from Sweden to India. Her project is called ‘OFFSWING’. …

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An Android based tablet for $60…!!Een Android tablet voor $60…!!En Android-baserad surfplatta för $60…!!Ein Android basiertert Tablet-PC für $60…!!

23 November 2011 Outsourcing

An android based tablet computing device with 350 gm weight, 7” size touch screen, 800 x 480 pixel resolution, OS:Android 2.2, 256 RAM,2GB storage capacity, 366Mhz processor, 3 hour battery back-up, 2 USB ports, support Wi-Fi connectivity, supports more than …

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YouTube:The strongest online tool to generate tons of traffic to your websiteYouTube: de sterkste online tool voor veel gebruikers op uw website YouTube:The strongest online tool to generate tons of traffic to your websiteYouTube: Das stärkste Online-Werkzeug, um große Mengen an Besuchern auf Ihre Webseite zu locken

 YouTube- the most exciting online video phenomenon is spreading its wings as the second largest search engine after Google. You tube already has 1.73 billion viewers and 45 tera bytes of video. It has a billion numbers of viewers that …

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