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Sharath Anand, a Junior Test Engineer at Bridge Global, has been an active contributor to various IEEE conference papers related to several technological niches. He obtained a Master's degree in Digital Communication Engineering. His interest in writing from a tender age made him collaborate and contribute to several online blogs and literary articles over the past few years.

What Are NFTs? Everything About Non-Fungible Tokens!

NFT or Non-Fungible Token has grown into prominence suddenly. Here is a piece that condenses everything including NFT meaning, NFT marketplace, its uses

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How Does Constructive Criticism Halt Herd Mentality?

Why should you break away from the herd mentality and how does constructive criticism come as a handy tool to achieve this end. Read all about it here.

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How to Win Employees With a Great Work Culture? An Inspiring Example!

How do you identify a great work culture that makes employees engaged, happy and productive? Here’s a great example of an empathetic work environment.

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What Is NB-IoT? How Does It Ensure a GREENER Future?

Here’s everything you wanted to know about what is NB-IoT or Narrowband IoT. Read and stay updated.

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