11 December 2009


About Peter Doesburg

Peter is one of Hollands young entrepreneurs, based on a Houseboat in the centre of Amsterdam. As part of his study International Business Management, Peter did his internship at Cordys. Here he was responsible for managing the online developers community. This got him in touch with Social Media and after listening to too many people not knowing what they were talking about, Peter decided he could do better and started his own business called SeventeenThirty. With his 27 years of age, Peter is from a generation that is brought up in an age of communication so for him, living his life in the Cloud and on Social Networks is a natural thing to do. Open minded as the Dutch are, Peter is a someone who needs a bit of pressure and a lot of freedom both in his personal and professional life. But when let loose, he does always deliver. Peter is not afraid to open his mouth and he always challenges the people around him. So make sure to bring your A-game when dealing with Peter, because he will demand you being sharp!! :-)

2 thoughts on “REMEMBER REMEMBER……
  1. Okay Peter,

    I’m quite curious to see where social media will go from here on and if it in fact will take over currently leading platforms. You know I’m rather sceptical towards social media taking over all together, so please keep me posted!

    All the best!


  2. One thing i like about social media is that it can help you find opinion about products or services for free and it helps you make better decision while purchasing. And also companies can use this information to develop their products or service, especially with twitter and Facebook..!

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