27 February 2019

Generate PDF Attachments in Dynamics 365 Using Microsoft Flow

About Muhammed Haris

Muhammed Haris is a lead consultant in Dynamics CRM. He is a Microsoft-Certified Professional as well with 7 plus years of experience in software development and in providing Dynamics-based solutions.

2 thoughts on “Generate PDF Attachments in Dynamics 365 Using Microsoft Flow
  1. Hi Muhammed, I am not able to correctly run the function “convert file (preview)” on flows. Looks like the function is no longer available; do you know something more?

  2. HI Fabio

    It’s not the issue with convert to pdf, I guess. You need to use the base64ToBinary function when creating the file in OneDrive.
    A reply with the image is sent to your mail id. Thank you for reading our blog.

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