15 October 2009

Corporate Social Responsibility – see the world through the eyes of others

About Diana Kulke

I was born in Germany in 1988, one year before the German reunification. I grew up in the beautiful city Erfurt, in the center of Germany. As I was 18 years old I graduated from secondary school and took up my studies in Wernigerode, a small town in the mountains. I was and I am still studying Business Administration specialized in tourism. Due to the fact that I joined the student organization AIESEC during my studies to take up some responsibility and to get to know other people and cultures, I decided to make my internship through this organization. After a long search in the job database I found the job description of Bridge India that matched perfectly my expectations. And as India was always a country that I was interested in, I didn’t hesitate to take up the job when I got the confirmation. Now I am in Kochi for 6 month. In this time I had the chance to visit a lot of amazing places and to get to know many people that became friends.

One thought on “Corporate Social Responsibility – see the world through the eyes of others
  1. Every company in the world should maintain their social responsibility. It is one of reaching out to the people and giving back their blessings.

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