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How to hire a nerd?

Last week, I wrote an article about lean distributed startups. The past months, one of the startups within our company that has taken most of my attention is ‘hire a nerd’. The main goal of this project is making a product out of our current core service (building offshore and nearshore dedicated teams for software firms and departments). Yes the name is provoking, we’re also contemplating launching a second version under our Bridge brand. We try to achieve two things for our customers:

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My journey to India

When I decided that I’m really going to India for my Internship in Bridge IT staffing company, I had no idea what to expect. For me India was an unexplored country but with so much to explore therefore I decided …

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Mobile strategy event: an app for your business?

Last week, Bridge organized Talk About IT for the 6th time, in cooperation with Efactor. Over 60 people visited Boom Chicago in Amsterdam. The event was a success, with an open and positive atmosphere and much relevant exchange of experiences. A short report, written …

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The how, why and what of offshoring

24 August 2011 Bridge news

Last week, I was featured in a Dutch radio show on BNR about offshore outsourcing. The topic was ‘does offshoring create cost advantages?’, ‘how is the quality of offshore work?’ and ‘the do’s and don’t of offshore outsourcing’. The experts in the …

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The India Way

In June of 2009 I published an article called ‘The Toyota Way in ICT?’. In last June’s Computable I read an article called ‘Indians defeat veterans in outsourcing’. In this article it is said that Dutch customers are happy with …

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