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Pawel Brodzinski is an experienced leader and team builder who managed different software teams along his career from tiny groups working on in-house solutions up to big divisions working on multiple complex projects for big corporations. Pawel is a fan of choosing right approach to right problem and doesn't believe in a silver bullet. He is well-recognized blogger writing about software project management at Pawel is passionate about leading great teams, fixing broken projects and creating high-quality software.

Risk Management in Small Teams

I was taught risk management the classic way. You know, risk log, voting for probability and impact, finding out which risks are the most painful, deciding on mitigation plan, discussing results etc. A cool thing in this old-school process is that it …

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Why We Don’t Write User Stories Anymore

There was a time when we were writing user stories to describe requirements. I’d say they worked fairly well for us. But we don’t do this anymore. We were using user stories as a technique which allowed us to describe …

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