How Does Game Design and Development Help Technology Evolve?

3 August 2022 Hire Developers

Gaming technology and game design & development propels technology industry like no other. Explore.

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What Are the Steps to Becoming a Power BI Developer?

Power BI developers are in great demand as they help in turning unrelated data into lucid & interactive insights. Read how to become a Power BI Developer.

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Consent Management Platform: How It Helps You Manage Customers’ Data

In order to use your customers’ data in a way they’re comfortable with, you need to have a consent management platform or system in place. Here’s how it works.

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Top 50 Big Scale E-Commerce Models for 2019

28 November 2018 Ecommerce

Every year, entrepreneurs are identifying new business models to find and serve customers in niche areas. Amazon and Walmart are automating their in-store business. Many e-commerce players like Everlane, Casper, Lenscart etc. are extending themselves to innovative physical stores for …

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What does it take to successfully manage an offshore team?Wat is er nodig om met succes een offshore-team the beheren?Vad krävs det för att framångsrikt leda ett offshore -team?Was braucht man, um ein Offshore Team erfolgreich zu verwalten?

23 November 2011 Offshoring

Report: Talk About IT, November 15, 2011 Last Tuesday was the fifth time Talk About IT in Amsterdam. Talk About IT is a platform where interesting experienced speakers present their views about the latest topics in IT and where IT professionals come …

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