“It was my pleasure to produce these two video testimonials for Bridge. The video’s are developed with the Bridge brand and identity in mind and it fits the social media strategy as developed by SeventeenThirty.com. Since testimonials usually work reciprocal it was also important to give the clients a chance to promote their companies.
A very unique addition is the client’s case. Real stories about outsourcing. This adds to the credibility of the recommendation, provides prospects with real and usefull information about outsourcing and it provokes discussion.”

About the producer: Sybren from SA*media is a filmmaker with a strong vision on online video. Sybren: “It’s is about much more than good filmmaking. It’s also about marketing, webdesign and usability. All those things 2.0. That is the challenge for online video. And not to forget, it should be fun to make and to watch.”

Read more about me and my work: http://www.samedia.nl/english/