hoofd2Maikel Kok started as a purchaser at a technical wholesaler in Capelle a/d Ijssel after his study Commercial Engineer at the University of the Hague. During this function, he was responsible for smoke gas measuring equipment, where he also experienced the sales department. He liked this that much, that he then decided to fulfil a commercial function. After several commercial functions with amongst others a hardware store and a cable company, Maikel started to develop more and more interest for the information technology.
At Hamel Metaal in Almere, Maikel made his colleagues “automate”. Especially for the seniors it was an enormous change to switch from the card-tray to a personal computer. During Maikels activities at Multikabel, he totally got the ‘sales-fever’. Here, he had daily contacts with customers and colleagues who were driven by the same spirit; to deepen the possibilities of information technology. His transfer to Bridge therefore, was a very logical next step. The customers of Bridge are often enthusiastic people with creative ideas. Especially by the effusiveness and passion of these people, Maikel feels very inspired. He thinks that one of the nicest elements of his function is that he can help these customers realizing their ideas. Through the possibilities which Bridge offers, the customers become flexible in outsourcing programming projects. Because of this you take over a piece of work in order that they can focus on new creations.