Laura Negenman 1

Laura Negenman started Intellius, a consulting agency in TNW and Human Resource Management, November 2008. Laura studied Technical Business Administration in Alkmaar and Business Administration at the VU University in Amsterdam with the specialism Human Resources. During her last study she did several studies related to “The New Way of Working” (TNW) and Human Resources.

Laura believes that the way of working will change, people will arrange their lives in a different way. They want to find a better balance between professional and private life and want to have more freedom.  Besides this she believes that the combination of having satisfied employees and customers is the best. Organizations can’t focus only on employees or only on customers to be successful. With the expertise of Intellius in TNW and Human Resource Management, Laura will help you in an enthusiastic and dedicated way to optimize your organization. Intellius can help you with a first impression about TNW, can do research to the attainability of TNW, can help you with the implementation and evaluation of TNW and can help for example with starting up a human resource department.