hugomesserIn 2005 Hugo started Bridge in the Netherlands. Without previous experience in outsourcing, without offices in offshore countries and with an old pc and a mobile phone. He started out with a vision that has at its core: helping. Helping companies do part of their work offshore and incure cost savings. Helping people in developing nations get jobs and a better life. And helping the countries where we do business by embracing corporate social responsibility.

The past few years we have gained substantial experience in handling web and software projects offshore. Initially, we worked with suppliers in Ukraine. Today, we have our own offices in Ukraine, Moldova and India, which gives us a much stronger control over the offshore outsourcing processes. It also gives us access to a vast pool of skilled people, both nearshore and offshore. This makes it easier for our customers to benefit access to flexible capacity, high skilled people and substantial cost savings.

Before starting Bridge, Hugo has studied Business Administration at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. After finishing his studies, he started I-Clip, which developed a photography system for entertainment parcs. In 2002 Hugo joined a publisher where he set up an entertainment guide for Amsterdam and established a new office in the center of Amsterdam. In 2004 he left the company with the idea to set up his own company. He travelled for 6 month through India and China to get a feeling of ‘outsourcing’. Impressed by the possibilities of India and the poverty that he had not seen in Europe ever before, he decided to embrace the outsourcing opportunity. Outsourcing will grow substantially in the years to come and we are currently only seeing the industries infancy. Hugo believes it is a good development and hopes the industry and Bridge can better the world.