My life is very much like a rainbow. So if you follow it you might find a pot of gold at the very end of the rainbow.
Bartsch ChristianI was born in Barcelona (1973) during Spain’s Franco period and being the child of a British/German couple multicultural openness was to be part of my upbringing. Growing up in South America (Ecuador) and then later on moving to Germany (Munich) added a multitude of experiences between all sorts of social groups and cultures.

Having studied Management at the Australian Monash University (Churchill, Vic) I got to understand many of the key factors which often led companies to loosing pace in their transnational market entry initiatives. To my own astonishment I won the Monash award “Best student in international marketing“ sponsored by the largest Australian export consultancy “exportise”.

Having worked for several large Global Players (BMW, Siemens, UniCredit, KPMG) provided me with profound knowledge about corporate project management and how to lead initiatives into profitable operational modes (whilst keeping internal storms at bay). Working on corporate projects with German, British, American, French, Malaysian, and Spanish IT professionals is not always so easy but it is a great opportunity to learn from each other.

After having consulted German, Swiss and British companies for several years in quite some different areas (OD, Auction Reporting, AI Error Handling, SEC conform Archival, BI, MS SQL, Forensic) I had seen the “ IT Outsourcing” picture from both sides.

Outsourcing deals with clients, users, suppliers, subcontractors and freelancers. Often other stakeholders come in, too. So you need to get your network to be fit for globalization.

This kind of fitness I find not just in my hobbies (sailing & flying) but also with Bridge.

They are a great team and follow the same multicultural corporate network strategy as I do. That is why it is so much fun working with everyone at Bridge. We combine our capabilities and knowledge to provide clients a 360° IT Outsourcing experience that brings them back again and again for new projects.