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Open Source Software Development

Unlock newer business possibilities through our refined open source development expertise. You can make your open source software development project client-centered, real-time, and connected by hiring our developers to your in-house team or by building a customized project team. Two decades of experience in building inspiring web properties & applications using open source software development tools gives us an edge over our competitors.

Get a range of dedicated Open Source Software Development expertise to build applications that add value to our customers' businesses.

Our Core Open Source Development Services

Experience working with a super-collaborative crew of open source developers who create long-term relationships with clients.

Our Industry Expertise

We have solid experience in delivering results-oriented open source software development services to clients belonging to almost all domains.

Why Should You Choose Open Source Software Development?

It is always prudent to consider open source software development as a bankable software project possibility. Many innovative technology companies and businesses find open source platform technology and platforms as great at delivering quality, reliable, and flexible software solutions.

Unique and customizable

Open source allows for extreme customization and helps in getting unique solutions that deliver differentiated value and to stay at the leading edge of development.

Better software

Open source development cycle reinforces itself as each developer contributes creatively to develop and deliver fast. This results in improved innovation and better software.

Bigger value for money

Open source development is less expensive than commercially-licensed software or in-house developed software. You will get specially-developed solutions by outsourcing these tasks.

Faster delivery and go-to-market

Open source software development life cycle is faster thanks to the download-and-go culture. It skips cumbersome processes and delivers high-quality customized solutions.

Hire dedicated open source programmers from Bridge Global to get results-oriented solutions.

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Why Bridge Global as Your Open Source Development Partner?

Our open source team will turn technical competencies to your business advantage. Our services will help you explore new opportunities in the web and app landscapes.

  • Disciplined & agile developers
    We take pride in our smart pool of self-organized and agile open source developers who care for your business goals
  • Experience in all major open source languages & technologies
    We are adept at all major technology stacks such as PHP, Python, Laravel, Lumen, Java, AngularJS, ReatcJS, etc.
  • Skilled in building custom open source ecommerce & CMS solutions
    We have deep expertise in Open Source CMS & ecommerce platforms like WordPress, Strapi, Drupal, Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, OpenCart, LiteCart.
  • Scalable and on-demand cross-functional open source teams
    You are never going to experience any delay in getting the rightly-skilled open source developers as we have a well-built cross-functional team.

If success matters to you more than anything else, our open source software development specialists can be your great companions.

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Our Success Stories

Our deep know-how in the latest and most popular technology stacks has helped many global companies with tremendous digital success. Explore some of them here.


Bridge Global

Instoremedia is a Stockholm-headquartered expert in developing Digital Signage Software that enables deployment of media across networks. They are the chosen Digital Signage system for several global brands.

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Spot On

Bridge Global

Spot On is a Swedish expert in e-commerce solutions, system integration, system and web development, BI, analysis and business development.

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Bridge Global

Zmarta Group is a leading Nordic financial technology company offering a broad range of consumer finance services to consumers. The group consists of Zmarta in Sweden, Freedom Rahoitus in Finland, and Centum Finans and Finansa in Norway.

Requirement Outline

Zmarta was looking for someone who could help them gain better control over their internal processes. They were looking to increase the quality of documentation in their internal systems.

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Coffee Circle

Bridge Global

Coffee Circle has made a name for itself in sourcing, roasting and selling some of the most unique coffees of the world. It actively supports coffee farmers by profit-sharing and investing in community projects. The principles of social responsibility and personal trade are united in its business model.

Requirement Outline

    Coffee Circle had several requirements, which included:
  • Escalating Magento version without altering the current assembly of customers/ products/ orders etc.

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Valuable comments from Our Happy Clients

Jonas Törnblad Sandell
Entiros Integrations

We’ve been working together with Bridge Global since the summer of 2017. The journey so far has been great. The team has become as an internal team for us, working closely and seamlessly within our organization. Both the team and the Bridge Global management are very professional and is always keen to provide a great service and in the end a great job for us or our clients.


We have developed a great working relationship with Bridge Global regarding our Paceholder App and website. Communication is always straightforward and they respond very quickly and agile to any tasks. We appreciate their attention to details and engagement to our project. I would recommend working with Bridge Global to businesses, who need great communication and technical skills for their IT solutions

Lijeesh Majeed S

Bridge has been very helpful in capturing the project’s requirements. They have provided the appropriate talent to develop the solution. Their assistance has indeed allowed the project to flow smoothly.

Rajiv Thampi
Kentz Corp. Ltd

Our IT team got great support perfectly, to build the custom-built ERP solution from the highly motivated team of Bridge Global. Their self - organized agile working model help us to get the right help with an effective productivity for our requirement. We would recommend Bridge Global to anyone. Great going team!

Thomas D
IT Company

We are always impressed by the team at Bridge Global. We have worked with them on various Web, Mobile & Interactive applications. They provided great value and were able to understand and adapt to our unusual requirements. We are glad to recommend their team and look forward to continue our association.

Nicolas Guiraud
Hello Day Ltd

We contacted Bridge Global for their module that allows to track batch codes on Magento. We also asked them to build from zero an API connector from Magento to Exact online. Bridge Global teams were really helpful and now we are greatly satisfied with our custom Magento. We can track each batch easily and find our orders in our ERP. I recommend!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) from Our Clients

  • Can you explain the meaning of open source software/open source web applications?

    Yes, of course. An open-source web application is a software whose original source code is publicly available. Developers can redistribute and remodify this source code according to the specific requirements of the user. Open source developers can inspect and access the source code of a computer application and can enhance it by adding the needed features and functionalities.

  • What is the reason for the popularity of open source web applications? Why do many companies prefer it?

    Business enterprises choose open-source web development to proprietary applications. There are many reasons behind it.

    Stability and control – Businesses are keen to have a stable environment to operate. Open source software development gives them the freedom and control to use the software as they want. They can also alter it as per their requirement. They can get away with unwanted features and overload of capabilities.

    Cost-effective – Open source software development is cost-effective in many ways that proprietary solutions. There is no functionality overkill and bundling as you are not compelled to pay for anything other than your requirement. As there is no exclusive access to it, there is no consulting traps or support costs. You can get support from an active community of developers who are daily working with the code.

    More Safety – Open source software development offers more data security as its dedicated community finds and reports security flaws. This helps the software owner to fix it instantly. Misuse and abuse of users' data is practically impossible in open source as the community would discover it on time effectively.

  • How is open-source software different from other types of applications?

    The answers to the above-discussed questions also explain the difference between open source software and other proprietary/closed software. For example, open source software development is more secure, stable, and cost-effective than other software applications.

    In open source software, the source code of every application is publicly available; whereas, in other software (proprietary), only the developers, team, or company that made it have access to it. Only the original authors have the liberty and rights to legally copy, inspect, and alter that software. Open source allows anybody to access the source code and alter it to fit specific use cases.

  • Why should I choose Bridge Global’s open source software development team rather than my own? Give me some convincing reasons.

    The ability to access expertly agile and self-organized open source developers who work without micro-supervision is the top reason to choose Bridge Global over our competitors.

    Employing your in-house software programmers is a great idea. But the recruitment and training process, and the maintenance of maintaining an in-house open source development is a costly affair. By delegating your open source software development tasks to our developers will assure quick delivery of high-quality solutions that are customized to your unique business needs.

    Our expertise and experience in all major open source software development tools, tech stack and domains is a great additional advantage.

  • How flexible is your team and is it expandable as per my changing project requirements?

    We know that every project is unpredictable. The requirements keep changing as it progresses and scales. Our fully agile and DevOpsified practices ensures flexible scope, frequent deliveries to production, and allows for a high degree of requirement changes.

    Our teams are on-demand and highly scalable. You can either scale it up or scale it down as per your tech stack requirement changes. Adding additional open source experts or other professionals is easy as a breeze thanks to our flexible service models and strict but supple processes. We help you in accelerating every phase of the development process when improvements need to be implemented quickly.

  • Is there any prerequisite to contacting you for my open source software development project?

    It would be great if you know about your project and what requirements you are seeking to solve with our team. You may not have clarity on all the aspects of your project. That’s not a cause to worry. You can contact our team with your vision in mind. We will explore if it is actually needed for your business by understanding your business models and goals.

    It may sometimes be the case that you may not even know what kind of technology you should choose for your software application: whether open source or some other technology. This also should not stop you from contacting us.

    We at Bridge Global are glad to assist you in getting started. Building projects from scratch is not anything new to us.

  • What happens once you complete our open source software development project?

    As a leading open source software development company in the US with happy clients around the globe, we have an appealing track record of successful projects. Our focus is to deliver the product of your dreams: be it open source web or mobile application.

    We don’t just stop serving you after delivering the final product. We provide you with technical support and app maintenance once the application is live.

  • Will you share with us prototypes of the app before indulging in the real development phase?

    We do not simply make and share prototypes or demo versions of the product while developing. Our agile developers will develop and demonstrate simple operating software whenever possible. We will go on adding features over the process. This helps you analyze and test your applications at every stage.

  • Will you allow me to get involved in the application development process?

    Yes, of course! We certainly allow our clients to get involved in the process. Being a pioneer agile software development company, we believe in client participation at every stage starting from the hiring process.

    We are adamant about delivering an end product that our customers dreamed about. We have a transparent process and clients are involved at every stage to evaluate and enhance our work. Our daily and weekly reports will keep you in the loop. We enjoy working with our customers and stakeholders to avoid any surprises in the end.

    We will update you about the work that has been finished and the strategy for the next Sprint. You can contact us at any time in person, via email, Skype, or live chat.