Your Own Team

Your own dedicated development team

We at Bridge, believe in delivering a complete solution to our clients. A major part of achieving that has been the dedicated teams that we have put together for our clients. Handpicked from a pool of highly talented resources and trained on agile processes, the dedicated team we give you is guaranteed to be the best.

Our clients swear by the teams that we have set up for them. Backed by Scrum certified members of the team, we ensure that the collaboration between your inhouse team and ours will be no less than a match made in heaven.

Highly successful global collaboration is what has made us who we are, and we strive to bring the best of it to your business through our dedicated teams. Try us out and you will know exactly what we are talking about.

With Bridge, working with a dedicated team will be as easy as this:

.net team image

Our Development Centre Locations

Kiev – the IT hub of Eastern Europe


2,8 million people
40% of Ukraine’s top IT talent
4-5 h flight from Sweden.
One of Eastern Europe biggest IT hubs.
Historical places to visit.


Cochin– the IT hub in south India


4 million people
Hundreds of thousand IT specialists
12 h flight to Sweden
One of southern India’s biggest IT hubs
Beaches and ocean by the city center.


Your own Team

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