Welcome to the world of Eastern Europe

You’re probable not very familiar with the ins and outs of Ukraine. For our Dutch, German, Swedish and Indian colleagues this was also an unknown area. Now that we are working together, things are clearer. Let me share this with …

Festival of lights – Diwali

Its Diwali today in India. Diwali is known as the Festival of light. It’s one of the biggest festivals for Indians and its celebrated, irrespective of the religion, equally among Hindus, Sikhs, Jain’s and buddhists..

The impact of Globalization & Offshoring

17 October 2009 Offshoring

I was just reading a chapter in the book ‘wikinomics’ written by Don Tapscott & Anthony D. Williams. It is always interesting to find your own beliefs written down on paper. As the topic offshoring, outsourcing and the future of …

Corporate Social Responsibility – see the world through the eyes of others

15 October 2009 Outsourcing

In the last centuries the issue of social responsibility of companies (Corporate Social Responsibility or short CSR) has been given a lot of attention by our society. As the ecological load limit became more and more noticeable, CSR is more …

Cup of Coffee?!

Last Tuesday, Bridge organized the first Open Coffee of Alkmaar. With a  great amount of people (more then 50), we can call it a success already. The sometimes ‘boring’ character of a networking meeting doesn’t fit open coffee. In a …

The benefits of outsourcing for web & software companies in tough economic times

24 September 2009 Outsourcing

Did you ever wonder how offshore/nearshore outsourcing can help you through the current economic downturn? Did you ever consider the major benefits offshoring can bring to your company? If you run a web or software development company, you probably did …

Why focus on requirements?

10 September 2009 Outsourcing

I just read an interesting article from Bob Larivee of AIIM (‘Requirements, we don’t need any requirements’ ) about the importance of requirements. He writes ‘Know where you want to go and how you want to work then address the …

Inside perspective: how to develop a medium sized web project

In our series ‘inside perspective’, we describe the development process of Bridge in launching medium sized web projects. In this article our developer Aneesh describes his experience with Rentautobus. The project Rentautobus is one of the best projects I have …

‘Europeans lost in an Indian festival’

“You want to have a look how !?! Beautiful decorations, festoons of flowers, chains of lights in every imaginable colour, sales signs nearly everywhere … – Kerala, especially Kochi seems to wake up out of a long winter sleep. As …

The adventures of Bridge “building” a company in India.

27 August 2009 Bridge news

The adventures of Bridge “building” a company in India.

Bridge India

In the end of 2007, Bridge decided to set up an office in India to support the growing demand from our Dutch customers. We opened an office in Cochin and the first programmer (Aneesh) joined in June 2008. One year later, our team has grown to almost 20 people and we have successfully entered the Swedish and German market.

Benefit from web 2.0: offshoring & open source

26 August 2009 Offshoring

One of the major denominators of web 2.0 is ‘online collaboration’. As Don Tapscott puts it in his book ‘wikinomics’: ‘The old notion that you have to attract, develop, and retain the best and brightest inside your corporate boundaries is …

Have you ever outsourced a web project that became a complete failure?

20 August 2009 Outsourcing

Have you ever outsourced a web project to an offshore supplier, getting completely stressed because it all looked very promising but in the end the project just never finished? Or you simply had to redo everything yourself? If you did, …