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Top 10 Metrics for Software Development Productivity

Software development productivity when measured using various tools enables better team performance and issue resolution for excellent project delivery.

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Catching Up With Google I/O 2023 – Fully Banked on AI

Google I/O 2023 – the company’s annual developer conference witnessed a powerful line-up of new tech advancements majorly with the backing of AI.

Top Tools to Discover Data Breaches

Explore the top two tools to discover and monitor data breaches to avoid the severe consequences of data leak and identity theft.

Agile Software Development Team Structure: Definition, Roles, & Benefits

An Agile software development team structure’s proven efficiency is a major factor why organizations choose it for their software or app development needs.

The Importance of Design in Phone Number Lookup Services: Creating a Visual Identity and Branding Strategy for Reverse Phone Lookup Websites

Here’s a convincing guide on having visual identity and branding strategy for your phone number lookup services website.

7 Strategies To Attract Smartphone Shoppers Into Your Online Store

Attracting smartphone shoppers into your online store is a skilled art. Here’s a quick and insightful peek into doing it the right way that brings tons of results.

5 Websites Every Front End Developer Should Bookmark

Here’s a list of websites that every front end developer should bookmark to learn more about improving their web development process.

The Role of Machine Learning in Software Research and Development

A quick recap on the role of machine learning (ML in revolutionizing the software research and development landscape.

9 Lessons Learned from My Software Testing Journey

Read an interesting anecdote by a software testing professional as she describes 9 useful tips to succeed as a versatile QA tester.

Employee KPI: Why Should Happiness be the Top Priority for Tech Employers?

Employee happiness is a vital employee KPI for tech employers to guarantee a successful and productive workforce. Learn more about it here.

The Must-Have Magento 2 Plugins for Your Ecommerce Store

4 April 2023 Magento

Ecommerce stores can be the best when they have the top Magento plugins. And the best Magento extensions always make this a reality for businesses.