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Bridge Global Joins the Top 20 Software Development Companies List

TopDevelopers adds Bridge Global to their “Top 20 Software Development Companies” list by recognizing our ability to provide smart and proactive software developers to companies and businesses. Read what this recognition means to us.

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Top 10 Must-Know SEO Trends to Drive More Traffic in 2021

22 February 2021 Digital Marketing

Opportunities abound if you improve the digital presence of your online business by keeping the latest SEO trends in mind. Read here to get excellent insights into SEO trends.

Clutch Names Bridge Global as Western Europe’s Top Drupal Developer

We, at Bridge Global, are honored to have secured Clutch’s recognition as Western Europe’s Top Drupal Developer. Being a top-notch software solutions company based in the Netherlands, we are proud to have served a number of clients in meeting their technological challenges through dedicated software development teams.

The First Virtual TechWhizz to Happen on February 24th

17 February 2021 News

TechWhizz 2021 is all set to happen on February 24, 2021. The free learning event features an impressive line-up of top speakers and enthusiastic professionals from some niche technology domains.

Magento Bulk Product Update Extension – A Cool Plugin to Update Product Attributes in Bulk

Are you an e-commerce merchant seeking an effective Magento Extension to update product attributes in bulk? Check out Magento Bulk Product Update Extension for Magento here!

10 Best Front End Tools Web Developers Must Use to Save Tons of Time

Choosing the right front end tools for web development is crucial for web developers in saving time and efforts, boosting performance, and improving efficiency.

Digital Marketing Strategies for Enterprises in 2021. Master Them Now!

Digital marketing strategies ensure continued success for your business despite the pandemic. See which strategies to apply in 2021.

Top 10 IoT Trends That Are Going to Shake 2021! Explore Them Now.

Internet of Things (IoT) is going to be a dominant influence in 2021. It will shake up all spheres of life. Read about the latest IoT trends here.

Reliving 2020!!! Yes, We Have Reasons to Be Thankful.

Here’s an end of year reflection and a look back at 2020. Though an unforgettable and unprecedented year, we have many reasons to be thankful, cheerful and proud.

5 Tips to Improve Your Programming Skills

Want to become an excellent programmer with great problem-solving skills? Read some tips to excel in programming skills that put you ahead of the game.

DeFi: What Is It and How to Get Started Coding for It

23 December 2020 Technology

Are you a software programmer who wants to be a part of the revolutionary new financial system? Here is a comprehensive guide to get started coding for DeFi or Decentralized Finance.

9 Tips for Writing a Smart Brief for a Software Development Project

Writing a great software development project brief is an art that comes with practice and clarity on the project. Read some tips to nail it like a pro.

Mutable Vs Immutable Infrastructure – A Comprehensive Guide to Choose the Best

27 November 2020 Technology

Comparing and contrasting mutable and immutable infrastructure is a crucial decision that all developers need to consider. Here is a definitive comprehensive guide on the pros and cons of mutable and immutable infrastructure to help you select servers to run your operations.