Bridge Batch Code- Magento Extensions Store
This is a tracking tool to track customers based on a specific product purchased. ....
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Magento 2.0 - Admin Login as a Customer
Have you ever faced the scenario where you get a customer issue reported which could not be replicated by you? ....
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Inactive Customer Tracking - Magento Modules 2.0
Have you noticed your active customer count dipping? Finding out your customers, ....
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Customer Tracking - Magento 2.0 Modules
Have you had a scenario about customer complaint for a product, where you would have liked to stop further sale of products? ....
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Magento Extensions 2.0
This extension provides the customer a scroll to top option in the frontend. ....
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Would you have a blacklist of users you would not want to entertain?....
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Magento 2.0 Plugins
Just as the title suggests, this extension can show your customers a set of related products purchased by other users. ....
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Magento Extensions
A simple task like adding a contact number in your website could turn out to be a hassle. ....
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Magento 2.0
Reindexing in Magento2.0 has to be done via the command line interface, which is often not a preferred way for many.....
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Magento 2.0 Modules
This extension allows you to delete orders from the order grid page in the admin. When an order is deleted all related shipments,....
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7 Tips and Tricks to Get More Customers to your E-commerce Store

Aswathy Muralidharan 25 September 2018

Attracting customers to an e-commerce store may sound easy. But both the well-established and new e-commerce merchants know that getting traffic to online stores is a challenging chore. Here, I am trying to list out some very useful tips and tricks to attract lots of customers to your e-commerce store.

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8 Reasons Why Magento is a Complete Omnichannel eCommerce Platform

Preethi 16 May 2018

Today’s tech-savvy customers are looking to have a seamlessly connected shopping experience across multiple channels. They do not allow any device or location to interrupt their shopping experience. Therefore, brands need to nourish their customers at each phase of the buyer’s journey. Delivering an Omnichannel retail experience is the key here.

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Omnichannel Retailing. What’s the Big Deal About it?

Preethi 21 March 2018

The better will give way for the best. This is the common spectacle that you find everywhere, and the retail scene is not different.

The retail landscape has grown from single channel to multichannel and is now evolving to omnichannel.

This progress is really exciting! Omnishoppers are capable of boosting your business to enviable heights. But, you need to become an omniretailer to charm these omnishoppers.

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Magento on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Aswathy Muralidharan 25 April 2018

Magento Commerce (cloud), formerly Enterprise Cloud Edition, is a hosting platform for Magento created specifically for cloud infrastructures. It is a managed and automated platform that runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. This combines Magento Commerce, cloud infrastructure hosting, Git integration and multiple integration environments too. It offers all the benefits of modern cloud computing, and at the core of this lies an innovative Paas that provides Production, Staging and Development environments optimized for Magento.

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