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Release Date : May 29, 2024

Last Update Date: May 29, 2024


Compatible with: 2.4.x CE

The Bridge Partial Payment extension let the customer to buy products by paying a portion of the total amount while placing the order as a down payment. With this module, store owners can specify the percentage of the cart subtotal that customers need to pay as a down payment. The module also allows setting a minimum cart total to qualify for the partial payment option. Additionally, admins can customise labels for partial payments. Customers can make the down payment using either offline or online payment methods.

Admins can view the payment splits in the order summary on the sales order page. Customers can see the payment splits in the order confirmation email. It will be also visible on the “My Account” order page.

Account & Pricing 

The Bridge Partial Payment extension does not need any separate account to use the extension. It allows store owners to offer customers the flexibility of purchasing products with a partial payment. Customers can secure their purchase by making a down payment, paying only a portion of the total amount upfront.


The Bridge Partial Payment extension does not redirect to any website or use any third party APIs and not saving any customer information. This module will just split the customer’s order total in to two payments.


  • Enable and Disable the Module
  • Set custom labels for payments
  • Specify a minimum order quantity to qualify for partial payment
  • Display payment splits in the Cart page order summary
  • Show payment splits in the Checkout page order summary
  • Customers can pay a portion of the order total as a down payment.

This extension provides flexibility for customers to purchase products with a partial payment, increasing affordability and boosting sales. By allowing a down payment, it helps customers secure their purchases without immediate full payment. This feature enhances customer satisfaction and can lead to higher conversion rates for the store.

Demo and Support

The demo for this Module is set here.  Feel free to reach out to us for any further information, queries regarding technical info, and any enhancement capabilities.


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