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Compatible with Magento 2.0.x - 2.3.x CE

This extension allows you to delete orders from the order grid page in the admin. When an order is deleted all related shipments, invoices and creditmemo are also deleted. It is possible to enable this feature only for selected  order status, thus preventing any accidental order deletion.

Instructions to Install
  • 1. Unzip Bridge_DeleteOrders_1.0.0.zip and upload app folder in to your Magento2 Project root directory.
  • 2. Run the following command. (i) php bin/magento setup:upgrade
  • 3. Clear your magento cache
  • 1. Mass order delete from the order grid page
  • 2. When an order is deleted, related shipments and invoices, creditmemo are also deleted.
  • 3. Option to delete orders according to the order status.
  • 4. Meets magento standard development practices.


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