Magento 2 Bulk Product Update

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Item Details

Release Date : April 5, 2019

Last Update Date: March 25, 2024


Compatible with: 2.3,2.4

The new Magento 2 Bulk Product Update extension for Magento 2 enables a bulk product update feature from the admin panel. No direct options were previously available from the grid to update product features in bulk. The new addition lends a great helping hand to the admin to manage products more effectively.

Features of Magento 2 Bulk Product Update

  • 1. Admin can handle product management more easily in less time
  • 2. Admin can update the following product features in bulk:
    • a. Price
    • b. Special price
    • c. Cost
    • d. Weight
    • e. Add / Remove category
    • f. Update quantity
    • g. SKUs
  • 3. Category tree structure list to select a category
  • 4. Separate grid for managing bulk product update
  • 5. Category column for products
  • 6. Category filter option
  • 7. Great support for simple products
  • 8. Support for multi-source inventory system
  • 9. Supporting SKU update

Bulkupdate 1.0.5 User Guilde


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