24/7 Server Support

24/7 Remote Monitoring and Management

The Bridge team is dedicated to giving you a complete solution. A major part of that is to give you 24/7 support by monitoring and managing your IT infrastructure to ensure that your processes are running smoothly and without any glitches. Prevention is better than cure and we work towards weeding out any issues before they form a threat to your system. Constant monitoring helps us keep a close watch on your infrastructure. Several infrastructure management tools such as Nagios and WebWatch24X7 are used to monitor your network status, server, site availability and performance of application. These tools are quick to detect and notify us if any of the specified functions fall out of established parameters. Our team of experts work around the clock to make sure your infrastructure is up and running.

We Monitor

  • HTTP: Web Server
  • SMTP: Outgoing Email Server
  • FTP: File Transfer Protocol Server
  • DNS: Domain Name Server
  • Custom TCP Ports
  • POP3: Email Server

    24/7 Technical Support

    Web applications require periodic tuning to ensure seamless performance. We give you the best technical support through established contracts.

    • Upgrade installed software
    • Install and configure firewall
    • Perform periodic security audits
    • Install SSL security certificates
    • Monitor bandwidths for abnormal traffic
    • Optimize system performance
    • Patch up security holes
    • Recover lost data
    • Perform shell scripting for batch processing
    • Server backup snapshot and verification

      24/7 Server Support

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