Basic Employee


1. Recruitment Steps

  • Prepare Scorecard
  • Create a vacancy/Job profile
    • Fancy job title
    • Job description & Responsibilities
    • Job Requirements
    • The team
    • The company
    • Employee benefits
    • Contact details
  • Sourcing system
    • Employee Reference
    • Mass mailer from search portal
    • Job posting in search portal
    • Head hunting / Candidate reference
    • Post on career page in Bridge website
    • Post on Facebook, Linkedin, Stackoverflow
    • Share the profile with employees and ask them to share/post in their network
    • External Recruiters: Contact Consultancies, Suppliers, Agencies

2. Recruitment Cycle

  • Initial Screening by HR - Telephonic
  • Top - grading
  • Bridge CV Format
  • Analytical/Technical Test
  • Technical Interview
  • Management Interview - Competencies (Role-based and Culture/Core values-based)
  • Selection - Giving offer
  • Hire

1. Initial Screening

Why? The screening process is done initially by the HR to evaluate the following:

  • Job Experience
  • Career goals
  • Professional strengths
  • Communication
  • Determine if candidate is really fit for the role and our company

The hiring process is done using 'Top grading' method.


2. Top-grading

Why? To identify and select potential A-players


  • Ambitious to learn and grow
  • Takes ownership of his/her work
  • Thinks along with the client and participates in discussions pro-actively
  • Makes a strong effort to find out solutions using all available resources
  • Has a good presence of mind and is a good decision maker
  • Is updated on latest concepts in the field
  • Exhibits high dynamism and a 'can do' attitude
  • Can share ideas in a clear manner
  • Is a people builder
  • Recognizes own weaknesses along with strengths
  • An active listener
  • Remains passionate and motivated
  • Remains focused under pressure

3. Bridge CV format

The candidate has to enter their career details in our database - Bridge Teams ( This is the CV with which we communicate with the clients. Scheduling interview is done through this portal. The technical interview report and the management feedback for the particular candidate is monitored here, which makes it easy for the clients to get a clear overview about the proposed developer.


4. Analytical Test

The Candidate is given a real time project Requirement for Analysis.
This will be a project which is already analyzed and developed inhouse. The technical team expects all possible questions and clarifications from the candidate. The duration for this test is 30 minutes and the candidate can jot down his understanding and clarifications if any, of the requirement.


5. Technical Interview

The technical interview is done by a panel that comprises of the respective technology lead and the process manager. This process involves a detailed study about the candidate's experience, depth of knowledge, attitude and principles. This round will also involve a coding test or review of previous code.

Candidates who fare well in this round are qualified for the final round.


6. Management Round

With the feedback acquired from the previous rounds, the panel that comprises of the top management will then assess the candidate and decide if the candidate is an A player.
The assessment is made based on a list of competencies, both Role-based and Company values-based, defined for each role.


7. Selection

  • Reference & Background checks
  • Confirm the Notice period/ Date of joining
  • Job Offer


8. Hire

  • Sign the employment agreement and other relevant documents.
  • Checklist of documents - education certificates, experience letters, Identification proof,address proofs



  • Why?
  • This is done to ensure:
    • Smooth On-boarding
    • Maximize success in job
    • Make candidates happy
      and comfortable
  • Welcome Note
  • HR orientation:
    • About the company, mission,values,
      people, process and policies
    • Job Profile: Roles and Responsibilities
    • Evaluation process
  • Technical Induction:
    • Job expectation
    • Work Process
    • Client introduction

Onboarding Rules

  • Welcome Kit
  • Prepare employment agreement, salary account and other relevant docs
  • Setup workstation
  • Create company email id and skype address
  • Introduce the department heads
  • Introduce to colleagues
  • Access to Project Management Tool (PMT)
  • Profile and theme picture on Bridge website.
  • Email the Leave policy and the company assigned holiday list
  • Assign a mentor and make plan for each week
  • Strict Evaluation/Feedback during probation period - 90 days

on board


1. Development

The following Grid shows the how the organizations can use succession planning process to evaluate Employee and groom them for future Leadership roles.


2. Retention

  • Employee-friendly policies
  • Quarterly Personal Development Meeting to motivate and improve the Employee performance
  • Regular Technical training - On the job and Off the job
  • Happiness survey - To identify why people love their job & company
  • Open-door policy: Encourages employees to speak frankly with the managers.
  • Regular coaching by senior/mentor
  • Sessions /R&D meeting to communicate company's mission, future development and core values
  • Awards & Events - 'Star performer of the quarter', Quarterly trip, Outdoor sports and Indoor games.
  • Appreciation - For their contribution to company's success, initiatives.
  • Salary - Follow a transparent appraisal process.



  • Frequent evaluations:
    • One-to-one meeting with HR & Process Manager to measure performance.
    • Monthly client evaluation in PMT.
    • Monthly mentor-mentee evaluation in PMT.
  • Give open feedback
  • Confirm observations and agreements in writing.



  • Who's leaving? Inform the respective client, team and the managers.
  • Mention the reason for leaving - Personal reasons or company decides to discontinue the services
  • HR should accept the resignation of an employee in writing.
  • Serve notice period: 1 month for junior/medior and 2 months for seniors.
  • Find immediate replacement or transfer work to the next person in-charge.
  • Knowledge transfer
  • On the employees' last day of employment, the HR must:
    • Handover the relieving order and experience letter, after getting the 'No objection' consent from all departments.
    • Collect all company property including ID card, business card, library books, Office keys, Equipments (laptop,mobile devices,etc).
    • Deactivate company email , Skype and PMT.
    • Update HR records and remove access from all docs shared (via google, shared network)
    • Ensure the status in FB, linked in and other social media are updated and company details are removed.
  • Thank the colleague for their contribution to the company success.
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