Our Core Values

We make Global IT Collaborations Work

Core Values

  • HELP

    Together we can

  • Entrepreneurship

    Every day we do things a little better

  • Integrity

    Our word is our Bond

  • Openness

    We are open - we speak our minds and listen

  • Appreciation

    A pat on the back is better than a kick in the butt

  • Joy

    Pleasure and laughter, success comes after

Helping comes first

At Bridge helping comes first. We want to make global IT staffing reliable, comfortable and profitable for any organization. We achieve this with our personal touch and selecting the right people for you.

We feel grateful if we can give personal as well as financial meaning to the work we do. To our clients, to our employees, but also to various non-profit organizations who need it most. Hereby we focus mostly on reducing poverty, starting in the countries where we have our offices. We believe that education is a right for all and we know that education is the way-out of poverty. We have therefore committed ourselves to supporting a group of school-children in our home town in India with school supplies and books. To make sure that this is not just a one-off aid, we also decided that for every new developer that starts working for us we add an additional child to this support program.

This is just one recent example of a support we provide locally and we are more than happy to inform you about the other support programs we are funding.

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