About Bridge

We make Global IT Collaborations Work

Bridge Global is a global IT Solutions Provider that has its roots in the Netherlands and has grown from strength to strength to provide software solutions for businesses worldwide. It was founded in 2005 by Hugo Messer, a master at global collaboration. With this solid background, Bridge focusses on tapping the best talent and empowering you with the expertise of its digital architects from around the world.



As an IT Solutions Provider, we take the “solution” part very seriously. The focus of Bridge is not to give you a quick fix; we go above and beyond to ensure that you have a solution that addresses all your requirements – we become your solution partner.

Bridge brings you powerful IT solutions through dedicated contracts. We design custom solutions keeping your business growth in mind. Our team comprises of SCRUM certified specialists, digital architects, project managers and experts who work their genius for you. They will dedicate themselves to your projects and will not rest until you have exactly what you need.


BRIDGE has a business presence in the United States of America, The United Kingdom, Netherlands, Sweden, Canada, India and Ukraine. Globally, we have made a great success of helping enterprises set up offshore locations under the tutelage of our founder. Our work process ensures effective collaboration and workflow among our teams and clients around the world. This is what we do - we BRIDGE boundaries; we connect the world.

Core Values

Core Values

The core values we hold are truly important for us as an organization. It defines how we work with each other; and with our clients. This helps us to continue to be successful. Have a look!

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Management Team

Introducing our globally distributed senior management team, who has strong & independent leadership qualities to accomplish the vision of the company. Meet the team!

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Culture book

Culture Book

This book is a reflection of how we value our employees in BRIDGE. We follow an open culture where employees feel comfortable sharing their ideas and suggestions. Read their opinions!

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Recruitment kit

We aim at identifying the right candidate for our happy customers. The Recruitment kit explains the basic employee life cycle at BRIDGE. This would help you understand our candidate selection process. Do check it out!

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After visiting India Hugo Messer was inspired to start a company that would contribute to a better world. He was deeply affected by the poverty he encountered. At the same time he realized that outsourcing IT jobs could help many people. Western companies can attract more talent and save costs by outsourcing. By doing so they might grow faster, therefore create jobs in their home country and make extra profit.  On the other hand the employment rate and economic growth in developing countries increases also as a result of  IT outsourcing.

hugo messer

A better world

While riding his bicycle through the Dutch polder landscape near Amsterdam he noticed a drawbridge and he realised that a bridge perfectly symbolised his idea. Connecting people, connecting countries, establishing a collaboration that profitable for all parties involved. A bridge to a better world by building bridges between people and IT.

An international company with a Dutch foundation

Bridge was founded by Hugo in the Netherlands in 2005. Without any prior experience in outsourcing or offshore offices, and with only a computer and a mobile phone. Years of searching and investing, celebrating successes and turning mistakes into strength, have turned Bridge into a people orientated and thriving company. An international company with a strong foundation in the Dutch clay.

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