Bridge Batch Code – 2.1.3

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Compatible with: 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x
This is a tracking tool to track customers based on a specific product purchased. Create a batch code for products and search all customers and guests who have purchased product with given batch code. The module searches all orders in which a particular batch code involves.
  • 1. Add batch code to each product
  • 2. Create multiple batches for each product
  • 3. Set priority to batches to control which product batch is used first
  • 4. Option to manually select any assigned batch while shipping
  • 5. Supports simple products, Configurable product and Bundle product ( For Bundle products - Ship bundle items option should be selected as "separately" for selecting batchcode while creating shipment )
  • 6. Batch codes related to product inventory
  • 7. Display of batch code in shipment details
  • 8. Export/Import option
  • 9. Add Batchcodes in Packing slips
  • 10. Improved Batchcode grid

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