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Release Date : October 3, 2022

Last Update Date: October 3, 2022


Compatible with: 3.0.0.X,  3.0.2.X, 3.0.3.X,

This is a tracking tool to find customers based on a specific product purchased. Using this unique extension we can create a batch code for all products. It also helps in creating multiple batch codes for each product. All batch codes are listed during shipment, and then we can select the batch code for each product in the order process and shipment creation.

Once an order is placed, the Admin would be able to choose the product from a batch to be shipped.  And the quantity automatically gets deducted from that batch, helping the Admin to manage products in different batches efficiently. The extension also helps the Admin to see the orders placed in each batch and track customers who purchased from specific batches.

 It also provides a feature to export the list of Batch Codes with the products, expiry date, quantity, status etc.

Features of OpenCart Batch Code

  • Add batch code to each product
  • Create multiple batches for each product
  • Set priority to batches to control which product batch is used first
  • Option to manually select any assigned batch from order page
  • Export/Import option
  • Batch code grid
  • The expiry date for Batch Code
  • Reports of Orders placed from a Batch Code

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