Magento 1 Registration and Login Blocker Extension

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Compatible with: 1.9, 1.9.2, 1.9.3, 1.9.4
Magento 1 registration and login blocker extension is a powerful tool for administrators who wants to restrict access to their stores for certain email addresses. This extension provides an interface to add the blacklisted emails from its settings page, preventing the blacklisted id’s from entering into the site. When customers click on the ‘Registration Blocker’ menu from the admin panel, they will be able to view an option to enable the extension. While enabling this, they can add blacklisted email id's using comma separation. When a customer who has a blacklisted email tries registering for the store they will be automatically blocked. This extension will help you avoid fraudulent registrations, thus assuring trusted customers only. If someone from the blacklisted ids tried attempting to register, they will get a message like ‘You are not allowed to join with us’. The next version of this extension will add an edit option for this message.


    • 1. we can enable/disable this extension
    • 2. Admin can provide comma separated email ids
    • 3. Prevent the registration/Login by this email ids
    • 4. Blacklisted email ids can't register/login into our site

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