Magento 2 Bulk Product Update and Flash Sale Extensions Combo


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Release Date : October 21, 2022

Last Update Date: October 16, 2023


Bulk Product Update

Compatible with: 2.3,2.4

The new Magento 2 Bulk Product Update extension for Magento 2 enables a bulk product update feature from the admin panel. No direct options were previously available from the grid to update product features in bulk. The new addition lends a great helping hand to the admin to manage products more effectively.

Features of Magento 2 Bulk Product Update

  • 1. Admin can handle product management more easily in less time
  • 2. Admin can update the following product features in bulk:
    • a. Price
    • b. Special price
    • c. Cost
    • d. Weight
    • e. Add / Remove category
    • f. Update quantity
    • g. SKUs
  • 3. Category tree structure list to select a category
  • 4. Separate grid for managing bulk product update
  • 5. Category column for products
  • 6. Category filter option
  • 7. Great support for simple products
  • 8. Support for multi-source inventory system
  • 9. Supporting SKU update

Bulkupdate 1.0.5 User Guilde


Flash Sale Extension

Compatible with:  2.4.x CE

Bridge Flash Sale is a Magento 2 module developed by Bridge Global to make flash sales more convenient and easy for Magento store owners. 

This extension will help store managers to set up a Menu and a Page for Flash Sale. The Menu text and Page title can be managed in the admin panel. Admin also can set a start and end date for the Flash Sale. Admin can manage the products for the flash sales from the admin panel. Admin can add products from Catalog-Product Grid as mass action and from flash sale ‘Add Product’ page by searching by product name. 


  • Flash Sale enable and disable 
  • Manage Flash Sale menu text and page title
  • Add Products to the flash sale list from Product Grid
  • Remove Products from the flash sale list

Flash Sale 1.0.1 User Guide


Demo and Support

You can check our demo for this extension here. If you have any queries regarding technical info and the enhancement capabilities, feel free to contact us. Our expert team will offer prompt assistance in the most efficient way. Feel free to get in touch for more technical info and the enhancement capabilities. We can help to customize the tool, based on your requirements, in the best feasible way in a quick time.



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