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Release Date : October 21, 2022

Last Update Date: October 16, 2023


Magento 2 Batch Code Extension

Compatible with: 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x,2.4.x

This is a Magento 2 Batch Code Extension tracking tool to track customers based on a specific product purchased. Create a batch code for products and search all customers and guests who have purchased a product with the given batch code. The module searches all orders in which a particular batch code involves.

Features of Magento 2 batch code- 2.4.7

  • 1. Add batch code to each product
  • 2. Create multiple batches for each product
  • 3. Set priority to batches to control which product batch is used first
  • 4. Option to manually select any assigned batch while shipping
  • 5. Supports simple products, Configurable products, and Bundle products ( For Bundle products – Ship bundle items option should be selected as “separately” for selecting batch code while creating shipment )
  • 6. Batch codes related to product inventory
  • 7. Display of batch code in shipment details
  • 8. Export/Import option
  • 9. Add Batch codes in Packing slips
  • 10. Improved Batch code grid
  • 11. Added expiry date for Batch Code.
  • 12. Added category filter to Batch code
  • 13. Added a searchable select box for the product.
  • 14. Compatible with Magento2.4.4 and PHP 8.1

Batch Code 2.4.7 User Guide


Magento 2 Voice Search

Compatible with: 2.2.x – 2.3.x – 2.4.x CE

Voice Search is a Magento2 Extension to make searching easier through a smart voice query.  This extension will help customers to search for products with voice commands. This extension is most useful in mobile devices with small keyboards. It is a great way to enhance your Magento 2 store’s search functionality.  Admin can enable or disable the module from the admin panel.  After enabling the module and clearing the cache, users can view a ‘MIC’ icon near the search box. Customers can search for products/brands by simply clicking this button and speaking out. When the button is active it will be in red color and it will turn black when it is inactive. 


  • Admin can enable and disable the module
  • Customers can search products by voice command


Demo and Support

The demo for Voice Search Module is set hereFeel free to reach out to us for any further information, queries regarding technical info, and any enhancement capabilities.



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