Instore Media (.Net)

The Business

Developers at Bridge worked diligently to meet and exceed the expectations of Instoremedia.

Instoremedia is an expert at developing Digital Signage software that enables deployment of media across networks. Their intuitive Content Management, comprehensive diagnostics, media player software and other stellar features has won them multiple industry awards and has made them the chosen Digital Signage system for several Global brands.

What they were looking for:

They were looking for a solution partner to work with them in creating and altering templates for their award winning digital signage platform.

Why it was a challenge:

They had tested out many other solution providers, but they hadn’t found anyone who could execute the work to their satisfaction. 

How they found a solution with bridge:

Developers at Bridge worked diligently in delivering solutions that met and exceeded the expectations of Instoremedia.

How we went about it:

  • We did a thorough analysis of what exactly Instoremedia needed.
  • Keeping that as a benchmark, we prepared a detailed estimate detailing tasks derived from functionalities, estimated time including start and end dates for each task.
  • On ensuring that Instoremedia was satisfied with our approach, we began development.
  • Experts at Bridge worked on each module (function) and delivered it separately to Instoremedia for their approval.
  • We developed different WPF DLL’s to run in Instoremedia players. We also developed many DLL’s like File converter to convert files from many different file formats to PDF, menu template, web browser with printer for KIOSK etc.

The technologies we used:


Was the project successful?

We have successfully handed over the first phase of their product. Instoremedia was thrilled with the results.

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