Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS)


Superfast queues for storing messages between your business applications.

Giving your application queuing system a boost with Bridge.

Amazon SQS is a web service that provides a robust platform for hosting queues of messages as they travel between your applications. Host your stored messages in a queue in the cloud where pre-defined metrics will ensure that they are distributed evenly for maximum throughput. If your business application A needs to send a message to business application B, then storing, queuing and sending these messages through the cloud can ensure that the messages are sent and received at exactly the precise moment they are required. This means superfast business without causing any delays on either side.

How Bridge provides the perfect Amazon SQS solutions for you:

  • The web developers at bridge will help you avoid any ongoing expenses of hosted or licensed messaging services. This is done by providing a seamless transition from your existing message service to Amazon SQS.
  • Our team of experts will ensure that your cloud applications get their inputs and outputs, no matter the data volume, at exactly the moment it is required. Thus keeping it simple and cost effective for you..
  • We help you reduce the load on each application and improve processing times, thereby giving you faster results each time.
  • We'll also ensure that the full implementation is completely scalable, so that you can expand/reduce as per your requirements, at any time.
  • Keep your business secure through our extensive security techniques that will ensure all messages are secured as per industry standards, while they are being transmitted, stored and queued.
  • We can also provide custom security policies to provide complete protection against unauthorized access.

Get your business going superfast with Amazon SQS from Bridge. Talk to us and see how we can do that for you.

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