Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES)


An easy to use, flexible email service that is hosted in the cloud and powered by Amazon's suite of web services.

Bridge helps you use Amazon's own infrastructure to give your business a complete email solution.

Amazon SES is a complete email service that has been built and developed on the same infrastructure that Amazon uses to provide services to their very own customer base. Bridge will help you host your own email service using Amazon SES to ensure high deliverability with minimal setup and maximum scalability - to send billions of messages and more per year!

How Bridge helps you with Amazon SES:

  • Our team of engineers will help you use Amazon SES to promote your products across your customer base. Be it using advertisements for special offers, or other high-quality custom content that provide mutual value to you and your customers, we help you deliver this seamlessly.
  • We can give you a complete solution to send automated emails or notifications. This could be for order processing, updates or any other automated sequence that is part of your existing business processes.
  • You will also get a custom code to store incoming emails in Amazon S3 data stores, or provide integration with other Amazon web services.

Amazon SES is backed by Amazon's cloud and infrastructure, giving you robust, cloud based email that can guarantee data durability, high availability and continuous uptime. Contact Bridge Global now to help your business maximize productivity by deploying Amazon SES as part of your core applications now.

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