Amazon ElastiCache


Bridge maximizes performance of your applications’ cache by storing it effectively in the cloud.

Optimizing your web applications through a cloud based cache with Bridge.

Amazon ElastiCache is a web service that provides infrastructure to implement, store and scale a memory data store or cache in the cloud for your business applications. Through our pool of experts, we will make your applications run in real-time by developing a custom in-memory data store in the cloud. This can be accessed at any time, from anywhere, with any application. You will thus see a massive improvement in using previous generation disk-based databases that slow down your business applications. This means you get more time to concentrate on what really matters.

Bridge gives your applications the edge they need:

  • Utilize Bridge Global’s army of developers, who are well-versed with the leading open-source in-memory engines Redis and Memcached. These are both also compatible with Amazon ElastiCache.
  • We ensure seamless transfer to Amazon ElastiCache from your existing in-memory data stores, so that your applications don’t have any downtime. They will thus run at a much faster speed.
  • We'll help you use existing API’s with the utmost efficiency, giving you complete access to a production ready cluster.
  • As everything is hosted in the cloud, you won’t have to worry about infrastructure management or provisioning, software upgrades and failure and recovery management.
  • Bridge will give you a complete solution so that all your Amazon Web Services have full integration with each other, giving you a world class, high performance, secure and managed in-memory caching solution.

Call us and find out how our developers can maximize the performance of your applications using the amazing capabilities of Amazon ElastiCache.

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